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About us
Some notes on the seekshell forum:

1. Points can be obtained by posting valuable content such as hacking tutorials, hacking tools, leaked databases, 0day vulnerabilities, etc. in this forum, and the points in this forum can be withdrawn. 1 credit equals 1 dollar.

2. This forum is currently free and open, and all content downloads do not need to pay any fees, and can be downloaded without any membership. (It may be restricted in the future. The Internet is a shared community, and the interaction between each other can continue to develop. Some members who do not share will not be allowed to download, so I hope everyone can share more, not only to get points and cash, but also for better to download more content)

3. Post in our forum, I hope everyone abides by our community rules. Please do not post anything that violates our forum rules or is worthless. The first time we will issue a warning, the second time we will simply issue a permanent ban.

4. The forum is in its infancy, and we are working hard to make it bigger and stronger. If you have any comments or better suggestions on our forum, you can leave us a message through the "Contact Us" in the forum. For any of your comments or suggestions, after adoption, we will reward points.

5. We do not object to any private transactions, but please pay attention to safety. This forum does not assume any responsibility for all private transactions. In order to ensure the security of funds and information of both parties, it is recommended that you handle it through our official personnel! Telegram: @getshell_web

6. Regarding forum content, please run everything in a sandbox or virtual machine. We cannot guarantee that all programs are secure. Please run it in a sandbox or a virtual machine to check if it is safe!